Not as Advertised

bulbsYou know when you look at something online, and then it either arrives in the mail or you go to see it, and…ugh, it’s in no way the same? I’m feeling that pain pretty hard right now. All I wanted was a nice little one bedroom apartment, and to be fair, it was almost too good to be true. The upper end of my budget, but in a great location with the place already furnished? Sure, I could accept all that. I was pretty sure the part about the live-in butler was a joke, but the parking space, the balcony view, the free gardener and cleaner…I shouldn’t have let it go to my head.

I got to the place, and the garden was NOTHING like the pictures. The agent said that I’d be furnished with packets of hyacinth bulbs, as a courtesy of things not being quite how I expected. Not how I expected?? The place was a dump! It was like someone had attacked the back garden with a pneumatic drill, and there wasn’t a single living thing in sight. Apparently they had a storm (unlikely) and the gardener no longer worked for the company, hence why I was being left to grow my own hyacinths. And that’s wonderful, but I called to see the place about half-an-hour after it was posted and I’m seeing it two days later. That’s not quite enough time for the lush, tropical paradise in the pictures to turn into the aftermath of a nuclear testing site. But sure, thanks for the bulbs, that’ll do plenty.

The inside is no picnic, either. Apparently a building was built in front of the balcony (in two days), the furnishings are taking a while to arrive and oh, I’m sharing a kitchen with someone else in the block! No indication of any of this on the website. So now I’m fuming, and there’s no way I’m interested any more. They’ve tried to call and I’m gleefully ignoring them. Oh, and these mixed hyacinth bulbs are all mine. That’s the payment for the lies.


Fear of ice

I Ice skating Melbournehave an all-consuming fear of ice and it means I can’t do things with my kids. I know that might sound really silly, but hear me out. About – oh maybe it was three months ago now? – my daughter, Abby, went to the birthday party of a friend of hers. Since it was really hot and the family didn’t have a pool or anything like that, they decided to look at party venues and found out that one of the better ice skating rinks in Melbourne also hosted kids birthdays. So they took their little girl and all her friends ice skating for a day. This is wonderful in itself, a truly inspired idea for a party, and I wouldn’t have had any problem with it all except that Abby came home jabbering about how much fun the day had been and how much she’d love to do it again. And I simply can’t take her.
For the first week or so I thought she’d just drop the idea, but she persisted, asking patiently once a day whether I’d be able to take her to the ice skating rink this weekend. After it became clear she wasn’t just going to drop the subject, I persuaded my husband to take a day off golf and take her for a lesson. A single lesson was all it took to get her completely obsessed, fooling my naive husband into signing her up for weekly lessons so one of us would be forced to take her each and every week. While I don’t want to delve too deeply, or indeed at all, into the reasons behind it, but I do know that there’s no way I can ice skate in Melbourne. Or even go anywhere near an ice skating rink. I feel like, if I do, I’ll have a panic attack. But at the same time I don’t want to deprive my daughter of doing something she loves. What do I do?

In Love With Computers?

computerDespite what people believe, computers aren’t quite capable of everything. There was that movie, Him, where a woman falls in love with the husky-voiced computer that eventually turns out to be manipulating her because he wants nuclear launch codes and she’s a high-ranking United State official. Yeah, that movie had a bit of a downer ending, especially when aliens descended and she realised that she’d been tricked by an extra-terrestrial intelligence, but they realised that they’d genuinely fallen in love so they perished together in the first wave of the invasion. So bittersweet.

Yeah, so all the people in my course think they’re going to be the ones to finally break the code and create AI as smart as a human. I guess when you’re doing a software development course, you have to have a bit of ambition beyond just working in the midst of a bunch of servers in the basement, doing things that’ll be noticed by no one. Fortunately, IT has gotten a bit of credit in recent years, so the whole basement thing is mostly just something you find in the TV shows. Though there’s something to be said for that show about the bunch of girls and their male boss working in the basement and getting themselves into weird situations. What’s the name of it? The Computer Crew, or something…great British comedy.

But anyway, with computers becoming as popular as they are, it leads to a lot of inflated egos. If you do IT, it’s like you’re destined to be great. Well, maybe, but…the thing about IT being huge is that there are plenty of people getting into the game, and you need to be a computer genius with some great ideas. You don’t walk out of a quality Melbourne IT course and into stardom without being exceptional. It’d be nice for someone to make some real AI, though…


The marquee revolution

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