Get back to Nature!

touchscreenPhones might be everywhere nowadays, but there’s one great task they cannot do: keep sand from getting in your shoes. Let’s see them come up with an app for THAT. Okay, I might be a little bit prejudiced since I run a shop that encourages people to get back to nature and we still do all our business without technology. I was quite proud of how I styled the interior to look like a woodland grove, and I already have the perfect response for people who come in and try to tell us that the very building we set up in was built by machines. That would be ‘get out of my shop. It’s snappy, short and has done the trick basically every time.

I wasn’t always like this, you know. I was once doing an app design course, if you can believe it, studying at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious academies and working part time in Bar-Stucks. That last part isn’t strictly relevant, but it does add to my tale of corporate woe and sadness and grief and teary-eyed-ness. Yes, I was enveloped in the modern world, like a letter in an envelope, which is still a legitimate and very reliable way of communication, by the way. I was churning out apps, some of them for assessments and some for the actual place where you buy apps, but it was not to last. I saw an ad on the notice board for a wilderness survival camp, and secretly scoffed for I was a child of capitalism. And yet, my sinuses had been bothering me for years. The doctors said it was maybe pollution from my commute, and it was stopping me from sleeping and generally being a massive irritation. I would’ve done anything to get rid of the blockage…so I took a break from app development and design, going on the nature wilderness survival fitness camp in half-protest. Well, it opened my eyes. It also opened my sinuses, and I breathed in the lush air of the outdoors. I knew from day one that mankind was meant to be in such a place.

So now, I advocate such a lifestyle. And true, I’m getting my friend (who’s still doing a web design course) to make me a website for my shop, but ONLY so I can tempt people away from their technology. That definitely works. My mind and sinuses are clear.