Addicted to the Idiot Box

I’m not really one for documentaries, but they can interest me on the odd occasion. Maybe it’s a med-student thing. I see something about gross medical procedures and I’m all like ‘sign me up!’. It’s basically studying, yeah? This one wasn’t anywhere near the levels of grossness that I’ve seen in the past, but it […]

Get back to Nature!

Phones might be everywhere nowadays, but there’s one great task they cannot do: keep sand from getting in your shoes. Let’s see them come up with an app for THAT. Okay, I might be a little bit prejudiced since I run a shop that encourages people to get back to nature and we still do […]

In Love With Computers?

Despite what people believe, computers aren’t quite capable of everything. There was that movie, Him, where a woman falls in love with the husky-voiced computer that eventually turns out to be manipulating her because he wants nuclear launch codes and she’s a high-ranking United State official. Yeah, that movie had a bit of a downer […]