Guy Hair, Surprisingly Tough

South Melbourne hair salonIt is I, Georgina Glass, and…wow, male hair can be really stubborn. I used to look at all the guys in my life and think about how easy they have it, but now that I’ve been helping out my friend with a hair project, my views are starting to change. For the better, I hope.

So most of my job is just sitting there while Charleine does my hair; it’s a uni thing and she needed a model. Not that I mind, because I end up with fabulous hair for free, but she and her colleagues talk about their jobs, and she was saying this morning how she had to deal with a guy who had REALLY thick hair and it took so long.

And the other girl said she was doing a bit of intern work down at a hair salon located in the Melbourne CBD and she had the same. A guy came in with short-but-curly hair and it was just a nightmare to tame, even using the best products they had on-hand. And you know, I just hadn’t thought about it like that. My amazing BF has amazing hair, but I’ve always just looked at it and thought…meh. It’s short, so it has to be easy. Then Charleine tells me that sometimes it’s easier for hairdressers to work on long hair, since it has the weight and just falls down instead of being wiry and stubborn. So if I was a hairdresser and I saw a woman walk through the door with long, luscious locks that fell to her waist, and a guy with just average-length wavy hair…no, actually that does make sense. Different hairstyles, different challenges. Especially if the guy hasn’t usd proper product or been washing his hair properly, in which case even the most talented hairdresser has a fight on their hands.

This HAS been eye-opening. Now, whenever I walk around trying to find the best hairdresser in South Melbourne, I’ll think of their many and varied challenges. And maybe guys as well, for those with the truly stubborn follicles.


Air Con is Just Part of the Package

air conditioning BrisbaneI’m not biased. YOU are biased, and it’s my job as a restaurant critic to impress me- and by extension, a wide audience- with your restaurant. If I don’t like mushrooms and I order a dish covered in garlic mushrooms, it’s your job to make me enjoy it. If I’m allergic to fish and I order the salmon, it’s your job to make me love that salmon so very much that it’s worth a trip to the emergency room and a brush with death.

And yet, before you get to great dishes, you’d be surprised by how many basic mistakes people make when setting up their eatery. People, you MUST know about air conditioning. Brisbane has a very warm climate, and just because your sauteed eels are top-notch isn’t going to be the sole thing that keeps people there. Time after time people skimp on the climate control, apparently just expecting people to sit in their restaurant for an hour or so in the sweltering heat. The whole point of a restaurant is to give people something they cannot get at home: no washing up, not having to cook, rice with cashews and fried beetles…and that’s all part of a package. You wouldn’t make people do the washing up, so why not include basic comfort, like air con? You wouldn’t take away their chairs and make them stand up, so not controlling the temperature of the place is simply unacceptable. You can’t be expect to enjoy a fine meal if you’re sweating through your fine silk shirt. 

It’s absolutely basic, especially in Brisbane, which is why I take off several points every single time I enter a room and I detect that it has never been visited by Brisbane air conditioning repair and service technicians . I really don’t care how sumptuous your flame-roasted stag antler soup is, even if it’s been garnished with pheasant broth and seasoned with desiccated gum leaves. A restaurant is far more than simply a meal. It’s a package!

I’ll Fix Your Stuff, Instead of Small Talk

Sydney air conditioner serviceI just had THE best time at a party, ever, forever. And I usually hate parties, so this has really restored my faith in the strange human thing of getting together in a big room, holding paper cups and yelling over the music about how work is going.

First off, the person had loads of artwork around the place, which is awesome because when you don’t want to talk to people or get dragged into a conversation by some well-meaning soul, you can just pretend you’re taking in the hues or admiring brushwork or whatever. You know, art stuff.

And then the air conditioning broke, and I knew that this was my time to shine. It’s not like I do air conditioning repairs, Sydney has a lot of the stuff around the place and I had a few friends doing electrical stuff at TAFE. And I wasn’t supposed to be in their lectures, but…eh, I was bored. And they don’t take attendance at those things anyway, so the lecturer just thought I was supposed to be there the entire time.

So I learned basic stuff- changing a plug, how to measure joules, all that- but then one week we pulled apart an air conditioning unit, and I still remember most of how to fix the most common problems. This one at the party just happened to be one such common problem.

And while I’d mostly recommend calling in the professional repairs, I at least had something to do during this party that wasn’t stupid small talk. A few twiddles with a screwdriver, shoving a thing back into place, and viola…everyone thinks I’m some kind of mechanical genius.

Maybe I need a job around Sydney as an air conditioning services guy. Actually, I’m in customer service right now, so…less talking to people more machines. Why has this not occurred to me before?


Our New Kingdom Shall Need Great Lights

energy efficient home lightingI’ve been given a very important job, and that’s to research lighting.

Obviously, this is going to be an absolute essential in our future moon kingdom. I’ve been doing a bit of extra research on lunar days, and it would appear that even if we established our colony in the perfect position to receive the most light, we will still be in the grip of night time for fourteen days out of every month…or something. Not that you can trust science on anything. They’re the ones saying that a moon colony is impossible, even though our dear leader has clearly stated that it is possible.

Which means that lights will be absolutely paramount, both to establish a proper sleep cycle and not make people feel like they are caught in a dark and gloomy cycle. We’re not just talking bright, LED floodlights either. The lighting in our new kingdom must rival the special, custom-made designer LED lighting in Melbourne, with every piece of light artwork in and of itself. Perhaps we should organise a design competition, seeing as our light sources will be so very important. Perhaps they will even be a cornerstone of culture, much like how flame was before we invented such things as LED lighting to illuminate the darkness of night, allowing us to read books under the covers and play sport while getting consumed by mosquitos.

I’m certainly not going to miss the scourge of mosquitoes on the moon, mark my words. Such a great many awful things will be swept away, which is a large part of the reason we are ascending to our glorious new moon kingdom. All things shall be as new, including our very hearts and minds. And our lights, obviously.

Still, designer though they may be, there must still be an element of power. I shall have to research home energy efficient lighting solutions in Melbourne, see how to balance elegance and efficiency. For the glory and comfort of our new home, I shall not fail.


Tinting for Actual Profit

office window tinting MelbourneCan you tint a window…but only on the inside? I’m thinking that might be the best solution to our, ah, current problem. Now, the office location is great, don’t get me wrong. You only have to walk out the doors and there you go, a lovely artisan cafe. Excellent pastries. And if you want Italian food, that’s about fourteen seconds. And then there’s the city centre, right there for all your needs. Nice view of the river as well.

But it’s…distracting. We’re overlooking an extremely busy shopping intersection, and there just always seems to be something happening. Someone crashed, or there’s a street fight, or a parade, and that’s saying nothing of the street performers.

I know it’ll seem like a rather aggressive act, but I really need some office window tinting strong enough to make a difference. It’ll still let SOME light in. Or…maybe I can just invest in some warm mood lighting. I can guarantee that the electricity cost will more than be outdone by the sudden surge in productivity, as everyone stops congregating at the window to watch the latest drama down below. I tell you, some people don’t even need anything interesting. I already had to move Sandra because I kept catching her idly staring out the window at the mundane happenings down below. Then again, I suppose it’s a little bit alluring when you can see people shopping down below and you’re at work, unable to go shopping at any decent time of day. Dangit people, this is what late night shopping is for!

So yes…window tinting. Not intended to be clamping down on anyone’s fun, but it’s just a unique problem of ours. We’re in a distracting location. And office window tinting in Melbourne isn’t exactly uncommon, is it? It’ll give our windows the professional edge they so badly need.


Life on the Houseboat

outboard motor servicesSleep-easy tea really has been a lifesaver. How many times have I brushed past it on the shelf, thinking it was a scam? Like…tea can’t help you sleep. Placebo rubbish, that’s what I used to think. And then I started renting a houseboat, and I really had to do my research on sleeping methods because as it turns out, I cannot sleep with the ocean below me, as it turns out. But i did my research, found out that sleep-easy tea actually does, physically aid with sleep, and now I almost can’t sleep without it. Remind me to look into breaking THAT addiction at some point…

A houseboat is just a new experience overall. For example, I now know that Melbourne’s anchor winch industry is surprisingly strong and well-known. There’s not one single reason I would’ve known that if I hadn’t been living here, but here we are, and I need to know stuff like that. I don’t actually pilot (?) the boat, but I have to know how to keep it in good repair, and I’d rather not be drifting off into the sea during the night if there’s a freak storm. Hence…the anchor issue. Motor repair is also something to think about. And folks that live around the docks are just a different breed, from what I’ve seen so far. They were the ones that put me onto the sleeping tea to begin with, which was a sign that they don’t have the inner-city mentality of never talking to each other. Nice folks, and very open. I’ve been around to my neighbour’s place for coffee a few times already, and they don’t seem to care about it being on short notice, unlike everywhere else I’ve lived. It’s a good thing too, because when it comes to getting your outboard motor servicing done in Melbourne, I would have zero clue where to start. It’s good to have friends. It’s also great to be able to sleep as well.


I Know ALL About Designer Goods

designer lightingI, for one, cannot understand why anyone would buy a home without golden taps. I’ve heard that the common folks make do with silver- or some kind of faux silver- but I don’t know how you could. How often would you have to look at them and just feel…disappointed? Such a lack of sheen. Such a disappointment in terms of the exuberance of wealth.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand common trends, to be honest. I was talking to Vera about this at the book club the other day- heaven knows we don’t have anything ELSE to talk about, since we haven’t moved off ‘A Scandalous Affair’ in about four months- and she said that it’s only now that Melbourne’s designer lighting industry is truly taking off, making elegant things accessible to the masses. And I could tell you a thing or two about my mixed feelings on *that*.

It’s true, lighting is a bit of a hobby of mine. Running the house takes up a lot of time, but if I could be said to have a hobby, it’s a bit of home design. I could do it for a job, were I not so busy. Isn’t that the commoner’s dream? To make a career out of the thing you love? Of course, it’s not quite so simple. I have the money, the skill and the determination to make my career out of telling people what to do with their homes. I just lack the time.

As it stands, I’ll just have to be content with improving the standard of our own home, keeping the lighting up to date and making sure the workers are doing what we pay them for. Nice to know that commercial lighting services in Melbourne are getting a bit of recognition, however. And if anyone ever needs advice on their lighting needs, I’m happy to help. It’s a service I quite enjoy.

The Great Musical Pioneers

Lorne hotelNo one said pioneering a new form of music was going to be easy. But then, all the great inventors in history were scoffed at, right before they went on the change the world and thus rub it all in the faces of the people who’d been mocking them.

That’s what I’m hoping to do with our new band: Smooth Skull Melody. It’s a daring hybrid of screamo, jazz and neo-classical, with hints of alternative rock. SSM is going to be recognised as a daring experiment in the future, and one that started a melodic revolution. But for now…we’re just giving free shows on the beach. And getting kicked out.

Our band formed in Lorne, where accommodation is plentiful and perfect for holiday-goers. With such a diverse crowd from all around the place, it seemed like the perfect place to do a bit of busking, get a feel for the crowd and even spread the word all over the country, if people wanted to buy our CDs. There are plenty of buskers in Lorne; it’s all part of the holiday charm. People don’t usually set up a full band, though…and even though there are only three of us, it’s a lot of equipment. A full drum kit, for one thing. Amps for our guitars and cellos. And that trombone is pretty heavy, all things considered.

Still, we’ve secured our spot as part of Lorne’s entertainment. People coming to visit the Great Ocean Road and staying in nice hotels have their experience expanded by our avant garde music! Until the local police tell us to turn it down or get out.

See, this is what I mean about people not understanding. If I’d booked a Lorne hotel, I’d be HAPPY to be treated to an amazing musical experience while I stroll along the beach. This must be exactly how Galileo felt.


One Day, All Shall Be Part of My Kingdom

property advocateEvery year I end up at this housing conference, and every year I end up humiliated. Not in any major public way, but…it’s enough. I keep telling people that I’m going to ascend to a position of great importance, then it never actually happens. Still here. Doing the same job. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a secretary, but I conveniently keep bumping into the same people. Claire Jones from Brisbane, who now owns her own real estate firm. Good for you, Claire.

Alistair Johns, who I think has something to do with buyers advocates in Melbourne. I can’t say for sure what he does, only that it sounds terribly important and involves bumping elbows with all the housing superstars. I mean, let’s be honest: buyers advocates have the cushiest jobs that I can think of. Not that it’s easy or anything, but it IS nice to find the dream home for you clients. Oh, you need to find a really nice home? Just let me walk around some premium properties, see what I can find. If it were me I’d spend my days lounging around luxury homes pretending I was rich. You get all personal with the clients, get some walking and travelling in…man, that’d be GREAT.

And here’s me. Still just…being a lowly secretary. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a secretary, and I don’t think I’m too bad at it. 90 WPM, the highest rate of typing in the office. I can give you the low-down on the property ladder anywhere within a thirty kilometre radius of here. I do my research, basically. One day I’ll come to the conference and wear a big, shiny badge that says what I do..and that will be something important. Maybe I’ll be an estate agent team leader. Wouldn’t mind being a property advocate. Melbourne could always use more of those, right?


The best heating for the tenants

gas heating CanberraEverything I do, I do for my tenants. Everything I say, I say with the tenants in mind, and now my livelihood, and everything I care about, is tied up in this building manager job. My job is to keep them happy but right now, the apartments are too cold.

They have been freezing for a few days now and there has been little I could do about it now that I’m no longer in charge of the central heating repairs anymore. Our maintenance guy Tim wanted to take over the servicing and so he was placed in charge of that.

When Tim quit it meant nobody was taking care of the gas heating. Canberra can get ridiculously cold in the dead of Winter, especially in the mornings. I’m not entirely sure what broke the camel’s back so to speak, but I’m pretty sure that overuse of the heating may have been partly to blame. I heard that the fish tank in the lobby had a layer of ice on top this morning.

It’s been monstrously cold these last few weeks, and moving from place to place has not been kind to the tenants, nor to the heaters installed in the apartments. They have been overdue for a service for a while now, it was just a matter of time before they started to breakdown.

It’s tough out there without a warm room to come home to, which is why everyone has been yelling at me to get their heating fixed. I like to think I’m friends with all my neighbours but how quickly the claws come out when things don’t go to plan. It’s not as if I personally went to each of their apartment and took away their heat!  It’s not even technically my job anymore to fix things, but there is nobody else.

I better get in touch with the heating services and repairs company, Canberra is getting any warmer any time soon. In the meantime, I’ll make sure everyone has enough blankets and stuff.