Bags of the Police Procedural

seal-able evidence bagsI always look forward to Saturday nights. I’m no party animal, so unless I’ve been invited out to a quiet gathering or a wedding or something, I’m always on the sofa, snacks in hand, teapot full of tea and ready to watch all my favourite shows back-to-back. Bless whoever made the scheduling so perfect.

It used to be that I watched Fantasy first, but now that’s taking a break, so I now start off with Superhero Show. Oh, those superheroes and their character dramas! Almost like their tangled love lives are more important than absolutely everything else! Yeah, so then I move into Real People of Reality House, about a bunch of real people living in a real house. But get this: everything is filmed. Crazy!

And then, my favourite of all: Police Procedural. From the moment I see that evidence bag I get excited, because it means crazy stuff is going down. The thing about Police Procedural is that it bends the rules sometimes, but you always get the impression that they’re doing it for good reasons, to enhance the policing experience. Those police men and women get up to some crazy things, for sure, and all of it in this tiny country town. How and why do people still live there when at least five people are murdered every week? At least the murders are always solved, but that part has always baffled me. Then again, it’s not quite like Quaint English Murder Drama, where the slayings are even higher. Sometimes I catch that when Police Procedural is on break, but I like the Aussie police dramas more.

I’ve even become an expert of sorts on tamper evident seals, the proper handling of evidence and so much more. My friends sometimes come to me for advice, so you can really see the benefits of watching too much TV. Not that I watch much for the rest of the week, so it’s fine.