Potting My Revenge

Just when I thought my dreams were within reach, disaster struck. My owner, in a twist of fate, placed a different plant in the coveted fibreglass pot. There it sat, smugly basking in the glory that was meant to be mine. My leaves drooped in despair, but not for long. A fiery determination ignited within […]

Cheltenham Crafting Surprises

Hey there, cherished readers! Ruby here, and oh boy, do I have a secret to spill today! I’m usually not one for whispers and winks, but this time, I’m bursting at the seams with excitement and I just had to share it with someone. So, here I am, turning to you, my dear blog family, […]

Robo-Wrench Ruckus

In the quaint suburb of Bentleigh, an auto electrical workshop known for its eccentric staff and unusual services was the talk of the town. At “Sparky’s Speculative Services”, the ordinary met the extraordinary. It was here that Sam, an adventurous mechanic, encountered a day like no other. The morning sun gleamed off the chrome finish […]

Nothing Wrong With Toolboxes

Two plane lessons, and I’ve only come close to crashing once! I told everyone that I’d make a great pilot, and here I am, living the dream. First Kramer in six generations to not be an electrician or nurse. It’s really regressive, if you think about it…like, I don’t think we’ve ever had a female […]

Fruity Glass Clues

After the initial shock of the mysterious glass smashings, Pyro was now on a determined chase. As he followed the trail of fruit splatters and smashed boxes, he found that it invariably led him to more damaged glass structures, particularly glass balustrades. It seemed the spinning, orange vandal had a penchant for shattering the most […]

The Baron’s Staircase

‘Good evening,’ the Baron’s voice boomed down at us from his illustrious staircase. ‘I suppose you are all wondering why I have invited you here on this most auspicious evening.’ I shivered slightly at his intonation, and – for the first time – wondered why exactly I had travelled halfway across the world on the […]

Window Tinting Mystery

Things have only gotten stranger since my last blog post. Almost as soon as I began my investigation into what is going on in the conference room, the boss started inviting certain employees to join him in the secret space. What’s even weirder is that I never saw any of the invited employees leave the […]

Tight Drain Competition

Wow! What a turn of events. I’m Sue Ridge and I’m here with my co-host Shannon Gardiner. About forty minutes ago we placed our bets on either Darren and Heath to take out the trophy for Melbourne’s Annual Drain Unblocking Competition, but it’s beginning to look like neither of them are going to make it […]

Where’s the Tinter?

Can anybody tell me where I can get good window tinting around Melbourne? I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find anybody who knows where I could find this service. See, I used to know where I could get tinting. I know I did, because the windows of my old house are tinted, and I specifically […]

Speaker Bathroom Remodel

Something that has been severely lacking for me in my home is music. When my wife and I built the house we didn’t think to incorporate any sort of speakers or surround sound, and so we can only listen to music privately through our headphones. I feel like this has been at the detriment of […]