Robo-Wrench Ruckus

In the quaint suburb of Bentleigh, an auto electrical workshop known for its eccentric staff and unusual services was the talk of the town. At “Sparky’s Speculative Services”, the ordinary met the extraordinary. It was here that Sam, an adventurous mechanic, encountered a day like no other. The morning sun gleamed off the chrome finish […]

Chaos Controller

I love my job. Every day I get on the train and head into the Melbourne CBD, where I get to spend ten minutes taking an elevator to the 617th floor of a building nobody knows about because it’s invisible. There I get to work on the best video game nobody has ever played, and […]

Garage TV Credits

The third season of The Great Australian Trade-Off is better than it’s ever been…period. Full-stop. Not a semicolon or anything, because that’s most definitely the end of the story.  The internet agrees with me. While the show was pretty good in season 2, they’ve swapped out the hosts, injected this badly needed humour element and […]

Bash Meme Racing

Ah, I remember the old classic, Bash Meme Racing. You get to play as your favourite meme, and then you get to participate in an extremely tense race where you can bump into other memes if you’re sick of them. I hated it. Now, I’m not really a meme person to begin with, but this […]

Toorak is Very Nice

Day 3, after moving to Toorak. … It’s very nice. It’s not AS nice as I expected, what with it supposedly being the place with the highest average house prices in all of Melbourne and all the celebrities living here, but maybe it’s just a lot of hype. Maybe it’s actually a struggling area that […]