The Incredible Trial of Jake

Oh, I am lapping this up! It’s just one shocking twist after another on Week of Our Lives, and I can’t wait for my daily dose. It doesn’t help that the world of WOOL just exploded last week, with the revelation that Sharon and Gina were the ones who pushed Jocelyn into the eel tank […]

The Writers Must be Crazy

I might not actually WATCH the show I star in, because I’ve always thought that was egotistical, but I can tell that these scripts are a bit off point. I was thrilled to be cast in Week of Our Lives, really. It’s been my big break, and I was instantly promoted to main cast so […]

Fear of ice

I have an all-consuming fear of ice and it means I can’t do things with my kids. I know that might sound really silly, but hear me out. About – oh maybe it was three months ago now? – my daughter, Abby, went to the birthday party of a friend of hers. Since it was […]

In Love With Computers?

Despite what people believe, computers aren’t quite capable of everything. There was that movie, Him, where a woman falls in love with the husky-voiced computer that eventually turns out to be manipulating her because he wants nuclear launch codes and she’s a high-ranking United State official. Yeah, that movie had a bit of a downer […]

The marquee revolution

Melbourne has been a popular venue in recent years for party’s and weddings. With more and more people choosing the city to celebrate Birthdays and special occasions. The marquee specialists in Victoria are marquee hire Melbourne who have been in the party hire game for almost 50 years. They offer a premium service right across […]