Nothing Wrong With Toolboxes

Two plane lessons, and I’ve only come close to crashing once! I told everyone that I’d make a great pilot, and here I am, living the dream. First Kramer in six generations to not be an electrician or nurse. It’s really regressive, if you think about it…like, I don’t think we’ve ever had a female member of the family be a nurse. Mum was an electrician, Grandma was an electrician, I’m pretty sure her mum was as well. And Dad’s a nurse, obviously. My older brother Kevin is training as a nurse. I don’t entirely agree with his career path, but I respect that he know what he is doing.

Pretty sure they all think this plane thing is a bit of a lark, like getting something out of my system before I announce that I want to pick up the family game and be an electrician. Nothing against that line of work, obviously…electricity is really important. But I got an custom aluminium toolbox for my sixteenth birthday. Like, a really nice one, supposed to be attached to my ute. That vehicle that I’m probably getting on my eighteenth birthday, the day I graduate from being an apprentice. Or rather, it would’ve been…I sort of had a row with the parents and I haven’t started my apprenticeship yet.

I just want to be a pilot. I even saved up all by myself for these lessons, and my instructor says I’m pretty good. Most people have a few near-misses, he said. So there, I’m forging my own path. Unfortunately, that doesn’t involve sparkplugs and tool box central locking.

I suppose at some point I’m going to have to explain all that to Mum and Dad. Kevin won’t get it, because he’s wanted to do nothing but nursing since he was born. Guess I’m going to have to explain to Grandma why I won’t be using this set of aluminium accessories from a company in Melbourne…unless they also work on planes.