The Incredible Trial of Jake

buying homeOh, I am lapping this up! It’s just one shocking twist after another on Week of Our Lives, and I can’t wait for my daily dose. It doesn’t help that the world of WOOL just exploded last week, with the revelation that Sharon and Gina were the ones who pushed Jocelyn into the eel tank and not Jake. In a way I’m relieved, because he was Melbourne’s best conveyancing lawyer, a really sweet guy, a regular gym-goer and he has really great hair, so this might mean he sticks around on the show. But how is he getting out of this one? Gina and Sharon hacked his account so it basically looked like he was confessing to the crime in a horribly gruesome way.

My personal theory: photoshop. Gina did that internship for a print company six years ago, while Jake recently went on a conveyancing retreat with the company to Tahiti, so they could lie on the beach, have drinks with little umbrellas and talk about how they could more efficiently convey and transfer property. Jake took a picture on a boat with him standing on the railing, thumbs up, which he very briefly showed to Gina at the canine wedding of Princess and Sir Barks-a-Lot. It was a brief shot at the start of the scene, but I remember it clearly, and it’s an identical pose to the one he supposedly made while standing over the eel tank.

Thing is, while I can understand Sharon feeling jilted, why is Gina getting involved? Her current reasoning is weak, so there must be something else. My theory? She’s angry with Jake for his status as a conveyancing king. See, Gina has shown signs of egomania before, and nothing more represents her failure in human form more than Jake. He got the classy job she wanted as a Carlton conveyancing person, beat her in the exam, has a successful love life AND their family has a long-standing feud dating back to the seventeenth century when their great, great, great, great, great, great grandfathers were denied a duel to the death as it had been made illegal five minutes ago, thus leaving their quarrel unsolved.

Boom! Fan theory power!