Quality Goods, Guaranteed!

gas bottle holdersOur family history isn’t exactly woven into a tapestry or anything, but so far as I know, we’ve all been in business. Selling different things, mind you…but still. Lots of business. Business all around. I myself started off selling lemonade, before I realised there was far more money in low-sugar energy drinks. After I figured out how to brew those babies, I was rolling in the dough, and I pretty much put every single seller around out of business. Serves them right for sticking with lemonade, I say.

My business is, essentially, selling. Companies want me to sell things for them, I sell them, and around Melbourne that often ends up being gas bottle holders, aluminium tool boxes…just something about this place and their quality work equipment. Or rather, the WANTING quality work equipment. I pride myself on my ability to sell honey to a beehive, so aluminium toolboxes are easy. For one thing, they’re not JUST toolboxes. They detach from a ute, meaning that you can drive them anywhere and have all the tools of the trade on-hand, all the time, forever. People LOVE convenience; they’ll always go for stuff that lets them do things quicker and easier, every single time. And I’ll tell you another thing: if it shines, it sells. Not that you can sell a toolbox purely based on how shiny it is, and no one should actually be buying anything on such flimsy evidence. BUT…shine cannot be underestimated. People like new things. And when those new things are an aluminium toolbox rolling up on the back of a shiny ute, all polished and perfectly-positioned, then it’s just good business to take that and run with it. Then you click your little button and…bleep. Box locked, pitch nailed.

I’d say selling work-related things is my favourite. Nothing quite like a ute toolbox or some quality tool box central locking to really help people connect with the product.