Non-Professionals, Stay Off the Roof

roof tile installationI’ve never liked roofing. It’s probably something to do with my fear of heights, but not completely. Fears of things have never really stopped me from doing jobs before, because I pursue basically everything with enthusiasm once I’m hooked on a project. Perfect example: renovating the old factory. I HATE the dark. Can’t stand it. But once I was working I just sort of…forgot. The outside world evaporates, to a degree, because I’m so focused that I just don’t notice. I also spend a lot of time in my shed, where seemingly every spider in Melbourne has some kind of time-share, but I’m usually distracted enough to not notice that I have severe arachnophobia. Winning!

But roofing? That’s tough stuff indeed. There are professionals in Melbourne, and roof restoration is their game. I’m happy to leave fixing roof tiles to them, although I’m always interested to see what they’re doing. There are just so many different types of roof, and roofing repair folks have to know about them all. It concerns DIY, so obviously I’m intensely interested. I just don’t want to get up on my own roof, slip on the roof tiles and fall and break my foot and have to hobble around on crutches for weeks, wishing I hadn’t been so stupid as to walk around on a roof without proper qualification. I wonder what that would involve? I mean, there’s got to be some kind of hazard pay involved, same as if you installed antennas or something. At least in my workplace, the worst thing that can happen is spilling a test tube and having the concoction burn through your shoes. And then you might inhale some of it, though I’ve been there and I can tell you it causes nothing but some dizziness and the smell of burning fish in your nostrils for days afterwards.

No, the Melbourne roof services aren’t my area of expertise. I can’t have my finger in every pie, after all. Just…most of them. I know when to fold!