Getting My Will Up to Date

executor of will MelbourneGosh, my will is out of date. Wildly out of date. I drafted it even before I had kids, so there’s no provision for them! Obviously it’d just be a matter of common sense at this point…everyone would agree that my sister would take the kids, the house would go to them eventually, along with everything inside it, and that’d be pretty much it sorted. I mean, I do HAVE a will…it was just drafted online quite a few years ago and doesn’t really apply much to my situation right now.

Great. Need to remedy that. I’ll have to meet up with Kerrie for coffee, if either of us have time. Kerrie is kind of a go-to legal document person, and I hope she never finds out how much I rely on her. She’ll know every place in Melbourne for making a will, along with a rundown on exactly what I need and how soon I can get it done. Maybe it’s just because she’s extra organised, but Kerrie just seems to know everything about everything. Last time we met up she talked the whole time about how she managed to negotiate her car insurance down to half, and the time before that she’d managed to barter a few thousand off her home. See, that’s the type of negotiating skill that I wish I had. In fact, it’d be helpful for anyone.

You know, it’s that tenacity that lets you barter and haggle over anything, thus making life a lot cheaper. You always know that kind of person…they’re the ones sending back their coffee because it’s not hot enough, while you sit at the same table and try to make it look like you’ve only just met. I bet when Kerrie was trying to find an executor of wills in Melbourne, she looked around for two weeks and managed to talk the people down into giving it to her for free if she didn’t die in the first ten years. A bit morbid, but I really can’t argue with a strategy like that. If it works.