Inspired and Aspiring to Needling

dry needling courses MelbourneTV has lied to us in so many ways. And like…I don’t expect it to start raining during the most stressful part of my life, like the sky is so upset with my situation that it just starts spontaneously crying. I’m also pretty aware that a last minute airport dash is really illegal in many cases, unless you manage to catch them before they check in their bags and walk through the gates that lead to immigration.

Yeah, whatever. But still, there are so many handy things from TV that I’d love to pull into the real world. Like acupuncture, and all the stuff surrounding it. TV acupuncture basically gives you super powers, or at least solves all your problems and makes you remember important events from your past and what to do to solve the lingering trauma. I was so inspired when that happened on Week of Our Lives that I took a dry needling course in Melbourne, which is like a five hour drive away from me. On the show, Sandrella was trying to get her Echidna Petting Zoo off the ground, but was also dealing with childhood trauma from that time she got lost in the forest, befriended a kangaroo only to watch that kangaroo sacrifice its life to stop her from being eaten by a rare forest shark. She kept having all these flashbacks, and India suggested that she go to see a guy who does dry needling, to help her relax and make good business decisions and what not.

So we had this entire episode where Sandrella was reliving her memories, because usually she’s all busy and tense, but now she was undergoing dry needling and actually found time to cool down and think introspectively. And she came out of the place with a new lease on life.

When I came out of my own trigger point dry needling course? Mostly I learned how to treat deep tissue damage and sports injuries. Which is…fine. I need to cut down on the soaps, clearly.