What is this Non-Plot Twist??

termite inspections MorningtonI’m used to Week of Our Lives throwing curveballs, but this time, it was more of, like…a gently thrown tennis ball. I’m not good at metaphors, or writing in general. That’s why I do what I do and the brilliant TV writers do what they do! But still, there was this massive mystery surrounding Matt and Priscilla’s wedding, with Ugne flying in from Ukraine and almost objecting to the union but then being silenced by a mysterious man.

Oh, and the concurrent storyline with Janene starting a wedding planner business, but having to call in termite inspection from Mornington because she opened up the boxes containing her pavilion and marquee equipment and finding them full of feasting termites. Thing is, there’s no way they could have gotten there. Someone sabotaged her wedding planner business, and they were dropping hints all over the place that it might have been Quinn, despite the fact that Quinn died in that freak mutant possum incident and Janene left her behind to be eaten.

And then the episode promised by all the TV magazines! The big finale that would wrap it all up!

Well…it wrapped up. The guy behind Ugne was just an uncle who saw a young lady about to embarrass herself and thought he’d step in. Also, turns out that Matt and Priscilla’s wedding wasn’t cursed by a gypsy goblin; the caterer just had a flat tyre.

And the pest inspection business? Yeah, they came and said that the wedding pavilion gear had been left outside in the rain while Janene was at that conference, and termites had just…made their way in. normally. And thus, very normal Mornington pest control took place.

Am I…surprised? Is this a new thing, or is this real, true shock value, giving us something we totally expected? So confusing!