The Great Musical Pioneers

Lorne hotelNo one said pioneering a new form of music was going to be easy. But then, all the great inventors in history were scoffed at, right before they went on the change the world and thus rub it all in the faces of the people who’d been mocking them.

That’s what I’m hoping to do with our new band: Smooth Skull Melody. It’s a daring hybrid of screamo, jazz and neo-classical, with hints of alternative rock. SSM is going to be recognised as a daring experiment in the future, and one that started a melodic revolution. But for now…we’re just giving free shows on the beach. And getting kicked out.

Our band formed in Lorne, where accommodation is plentiful and perfect for holiday-goers. With such a diverse crowd from all around the place, it seemed like the perfect place to do a bit of busking, get a feel for the crowd and even spread the word all over the country, if people wanted to buy our CDs. There are plenty of buskers in Lorne; it’s all part of the holiday charm. People don’t usually set up a full band, though…and even though there are only three of us, it’s a lot of equipment. A full drum kit, for one thing. Amps for our guitars and cellos. And that trombone is pretty heavy, all things considered.

Still, we’ve secured our spot as part of Lorne’s entertainment. People coming to visit the Great Ocean Road and staying in nice hotels have their experience expanded by our avant garde music! Until the local police tell us to turn it down or get out.

See, this is what I mean about people not understanding. If I’d booked a Lorne hotel, I’d be HAPPY to be treated to an amazing musical experience while I stroll along the beach. This must be exactly how Galileo felt.