I Know ALL About Designer Goods

designer lightingI, for one, cannot understand why anyone would buy a home without golden taps. I’ve heard that the common folks make do with silver- or some kind of faux silver- but I don’t know how you could. How often would you have to look at them and just feel…disappointed? Such a lack of sheen. Such a disappointment in terms of the exuberance of wealth.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand common trends, to be honest. I was talking to Vera about this at the book club the other day- heaven knows we don’t have anything ELSE to talk about, since we haven’t moved off ‘A Scandalous Affair’ in about four months- and she said that it’s only now that Melbourne’s designer lighting industry is truly taking off, making elegant things accessible to the masses. And I could tell you a thing or two about my mixed feelings on *that*.

It’s true, lighting is a bit of a hobby of mine. Running the house takes up a lot of time, but if I could be said to have a hobby, it’s a bit of home design. I could do it for a job, were I not so busy. Isn’t that the commoner’s dream? To make a career out of the thing you love? Of course, it’s not quite so simple. I have the money, the skill and the determination to make my career out of telling people what to do with their homes. I just lack the time.

As it stands, I’ll just have to be content with improving the standard of our own home, keeping the lighting up to date and making sure the workers are doing what we pay them for. Nice to know that commercial lighting services in Melbourne are getting a bit of recognition, however. And if anyone ever needs advice on their lighting needs, I’m happy to help. It’s a service I quite enjoy.