Our New Kingdom Shall Need Great Lights

energy efficient home lightingI’ve been given a very important job, and that’s to research lighting.

Obviously, this is going to be an absolute essential in our future moon kingdom. I’ve been doing a bit of extra research on lunar days, and it would appear that even if we established our colony in the perfect position to receive the most light, we will still be in the grip of night time for fourteen days out of every month…or something. Not that you can trust science on anything. They’re the ones saying that a moon colony is impossible, even though our dear leader has clearly stated that it is possible.

Which means that lights will be absolutely paramount, both to establish a proper sleep cycle and not make people feel like they are caught in a dark and gloomy cycle. We’re not just talking bright, LED floodlights either. The lighting in our new kingdom must rival the special, custom-made designer LED lighting in Melbourne, with every piece of light artwork in and of itself. Perhaps we should organise a design competition, seeing as our light sources will be so very important. Perhaps they will even be a cornerstone of culture, much like how flame was before we invented such things as LED lighting to illuminate the darkness of night, allowing us to read books under the covers and play sport while getting consumed by mosquitos.

I’m certainly not going to miss the scourge of mosquitoes on the moon, mark my words. Such a great many awful things will be swept away, which is a large part of the reason we are ascending to our glorious new moon kingdom. All things shall be as new, including our very hearts and minds. And our lights, obviously.

Still, designer though they may be, there must still be an element of power. I shall have to research home energy efficient lighting solutions in Melbourne, see how to balance elegance and efficiency. For the glory and comfort of our new home, I shall not fail.