Some Quieter Storylines, Perhaps

Bundoora kids party venueOkay…

Every episode of ‘Week of Our Lives’ this week has been…tame. Surprisingly tame. It’s not just me noticing it, either; the folks on the forums have said that they’ve been on the edge of their seats waiting for something to happen, except nothing actually happened.

It’s true! First it was Sally setting up her accountancy business. She got a call from the financial association saying that she needed to get her paperwork in by 5, and she got it in by 4:30. Then Lionel got a mysterious text from his wife that made him nervous, but it turned out to be a wrong number.

The most exciting thing that happened was when a couple of the mums went to hire a kids party venue in Melbourne, and I use ‘exciting’ rather sparingly. Natalie and Ming-Hua just thought it’d be really nice for their children to have a great party in a proper venue, with entertainers and nice food. So they went scouting, found some really nice indoor play centres and dranks some coffee.

But then…drama! Intrigue! One of Natalie’s exes was working as a parking attendant, and they bumped into each other outside the kids party venue! Except they broke up amicably, and it was actually just a moment of surprise before they caught up on the latest news and said goodbye. He didn’t even give Natalie a ticket or anything.

I mean, it’s great having a nice little bit of calm slice-of-life. To be honest, we have a couple of birthdays coming up and I haven’t looked up the kids party venues for hire in Bundoora. We may have to, what with the renovations in the lounge making it impossible to have a party in there.

But what exactly is going on in the writing room for Week of Our Lives? Is this permanent, or are they just taking a break from all the drama? I guess it has been a lot of drama, for…ooh, going on seventy years now!