Passion for interior decorating

interior decorating MelbourneI just went to a wonderful seminar put on for all the year 12 students at my school, in which we were told to try to combine our passions if we could. So if you were into mathematics but also being creative, choose something like architecture. If you loved animals and the outdoors, be a park ranger. If you liked…I don’t know, mechanics and being social? There’s probably something for that. Maybe working in a call centre for people having trouble with their cars.

For me, combining my passions is a bit more complicated. I LOVE interior decorating, always have. I want to bring property styling to Melbourne in a way never before seen, dressing up people’s houses to make them sell like a dream, just to live in also like a dream.

But then, my other passion is setting fire to things. It’s not immediately obvious from the seminar whether it’s always a good thing to combine your passions, so I’m forced to assume that there may be exceptions. Like, what if you were into swimming and electronics? Unless you can be a pioneer in the field of waterproof hairdryers, those may not mix so well. And then drying your hair underwater just seems counterproductive, somehow.

Getting back to interior design and setting fire to things, I’m struggling to see the overlap. If you’re trying to sell a home and you call in someone to do property staging  to give the place some flair, they don’t often mean an actual flare setting things ablaze, as visually interesting as that is. I suppose if you have a fireplace, I can help you out there. I could just go around recommending fireplaces, because they’re really nice and you can set fire to things inside them. But then, I wouldn’t be much good at property staging if all I ever recommended was fancy fireplaces. Maybe I have a third passion that goes better with immolation…?