Only the Safest Platforms

aluminium ladderPeople just love to see the safety inspector coming. I think it might be because I perform a vital role in the community, preventing on-the-job accidents. Sure, I have to close down worksites and businesses sometimes, and it can be a painful process at first. And then I comfort myself by thinking about how they’ll eventually come to appreciate my services. I’m the one getting them out of a dangerous situation! This is the actual best job ever. So rewarding.

It gets a bit frustrating when I see people making the same mistakes over and over, however. For example, it seems like no one is able to properly set up mobile aluminium scaffolding, which is a huge problem for the people standing on it. I’ve always found planks and trestles and such to be very intuitive, which is why I find it inexplicable when people get them totally wrong. It’s not very tough at all, especially considering that these things have to be moved from one place to another on a regular basis.

It gets worse. Sometimes I’ll come across a worksite and they’ll be using some sort of knockoff metal for their platforms. No, it actually gets worse than even THAT. Some folks try to cut corners as much as possible be making their own ladder platforms, and it’s invariably a mess. Rickety wooden platforms without so much as a single safety check carried out, making my heart skip a beat and my blood start to boil. Obviously I have to come down on such things harshly, as it’s my entire job to do so.

If you’re on a worksite, there’s no excuse for improper platforming. There are even places for aluminium platforms in Melbourne, so no excuses! I can only do my job to the best of my ability…