Metal Enthusiast Here!

mabile scaffoldWe scrap metal enthusiasts live dangerous lives on the edge, especially when you’re trying to nick a great bit of discarded trash from the rubbish bin while the refuse collectors and coming down the road. I’ll admit to letting it happen on purpose, sometimes. Nothing quite like a time limit to really make you feel alive!

I’ve gotten some great stuff, too. You wouldn’t believe what people throw away, and you can rest assured that I’ll put what I find to good use. That’s the thing about growing up poor…you learn to use things to their limit.

The best find ever: someone threw out an entire set of folding platform steps. By how mangled the box was, I’m guessing that they bought it and couldn’t set it up, so they threw it away in disgust. See, this is why you should always bring the stuff that still works to an op shop, if you don’t want it any more. Someone will make use of it, I guarantee it. And I’ve used those folding platform steps to start my own local painting business, which takes a bit of the pressure off Mum, caring for six kids. I’m moving out pretty soon, and all because someone threw out a tangle of metal that they thought was useless. Nope, just because you can’t figure out how to set up an aluminium platform doesn’t mean it has no worth.

It probably helps that I’m drawn to metal like a crow. It’s always been pretty fascinating, and now that I’ve got a bit of DIY know-how, I’m always on the lookout for new stuff to add to the garage. Eventually I’d like to make my own mobile scaffolding, since the set I have now doesn’t quite reach or fit everywhere. It’s alright, but there’s nothing quite like walking around on top of some mobile scaffolding you built yourself. I don’t quite have the material right now, though…though i plan to buy some actual professional platforms anyway. When I have the money!