Maintain your cooling system

There is nothing quite like switching on your heating on the first day of winter, expecting some relief from the frigid air, only to find that your heating system has gone kaput. Hopefully you will not have to call for air conditioning repairs in Melbourne ever again, as you master proper maintenance and care of your heating system.

All heaters are different, and you should consult the manual to your heating system, if you have one. Many ducted heating systems have filters which can easily be changed with a little know how. Exactly how to do this varies greatly by manufacturer. Maintenance of ducts is an often overlooked part of housework, particularly during the milder months in which you are not using your ducted heating/cooling system. Removing dust from ducts is essential, in most cases this can be done easily using a vacuum cleaner. You should be able to remove the grates for a more thorough clean.

A yearly service will help your ducted heating to function at its most efficient, and will mean parts are replaced as they near their end of life. Leaving the parts until they fail can potentially create flow-on effects to other parts of the system, so it is best to be ahead of your maintenance schedule. Contact a repair and servicing professional who is well versed in your brand of ducted heating, and have your unit serviced ahead of each winter. The service technician will also be able to replace or empty the unit’s filters, for those who have not bothered to clear out filters regularly.

Now you know how to best service your air conditioner. Melbourne can hit some extremely high temperatures in the middle of Summer so be sure to check on any elderly neighbours. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so be sure to keep your system free of dust and to arrange for regular servicing.