Late night adrenaline

courses for dry needlingI am so excited right now I can barely breathe.

No seriously it totally sounds like I’m exaggerating here but I’m like 100% not. It’s not even like I’m excited in the traditional way I’m more just like insanely nervous and I have a heap of adrenaline and other crazy hormones pumping through my system and basically just making me feel like I downed a whole jug of coffee and then some. Do you know what I mean?! It’s freaking NUTS.

Tomorrow is the first day of my dry needling course. I know! It’s going to be so great and totally awesome but like there’s also this possibility that it’s not and that is totally freaking me out. Like if it sucks? I don’t think it will but it could and that is so terrifying. What if all of this is a terrible mistake and it’s time I try and find a man with some money because the only thing I’m fit for is to be some housewife because I have absolutely zero tangible or even intangible skills?

Ah! Existential crisis moment!

No but for real I am totally losing it over here. Like I know that I should asleep (I don’t know what time it is where you are but here it’s 2am) but I am so WIRED. I’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long and even just the process of sifting through all the different dry needling courses in Melbourne has so time consuming and exciting and scary that I seriously wondered if I’d ever even get here. But now here I am!

Hopefully I get enough sleep for tomorrow but by the way things are going right now that is NOT going to happen haha! Oh well! At least this will be a funny story I can tell all my new friends tomorrow!