Life on the Houseboat

Sleep-easy tea really has been a lifesaver. How many times have I brushed past it on the shelf, thinking it was a scam? Like…tea can’t help you sleep. Placebo rubbish, that’s what I used to think. And then I started renting a houseboat, and I really had to do my research on sleeping methods because […]

A House Near the Shipyard

I’ve wanted a house by the sea all my life, ever since we lived right out in the middle of Alice Springs and it took us the better part of a week to hike there. Honestly, a beach holiday as an eleven-year-old is just ruined by the fact that our parents refused to drive us […]

The Path to Being a True Sailor

I may now be a hardened man of the sea, but no one starts off this way. When I first heard about boat trailers, I assumed that was something to do with an upcoming movie about boats. Like, the trailers for the movie. I suppose some movies DO contain boats, but that really wasn’t what […]