Tinting for Actual Profit

office window tinting MelbourneCan you tint a window…but only on the inside? I’m thinking that might be the best solution to our, ah, current problem. Now, the office location is great, don’t get me wrong. You only have to walk out the doors and there you go, a lovely artisan cafe. Excellent pastries. And if you want Italian food, that’s about fourteen seconds. And then there’s the city centre, right there for all your needs. Nice view of the river as well.

But it’s…distracting. We’re overlooking an extremely busy shopping intersection, and there just always seems to be something happening. Someone crashed, or there’s a street fight, or a parade, and that’s saying nothing of the street performers.

I know it’ll seem like a rather aggressive act, but I really need some office window tinting strong enough to make a difference. It’ll still let SOME light in. Or…maybe I can just invest in some warm mood lighting. I can guarantee that the electricity cost will more than be outdone by the sudden surge in productivity, as everyone stops congregating at the window to watch the latest drama down below. I tell you, some people don’t even need anything interesting. I already had to move Sandra because I kept catching her idly staring out the window at the mundane happenings down below. Then again, I suppose it’s a little bit alluring when you can see people shopping down below and you’re at work, unable to go shopping at any decent time of day. Dangit people, this is what late night shopping is for!

So yes…window tinting. Not intended to be clamping down on anyone’s fun, but it’s just a unique problem of ours. We’re in a distracting location. And office window tinting in Melbourne isn’t exactly uncommon, is it? It’ll give our windows the professional edge they so badly need.